Pricing for our videos are based on market averages and square footage.  We start with a flat scalable rate and then an additional .11 cents per square foot after that.  We can accommodate most homes for video shoots depending on the size.  All videos come with steadi-cam use, HD quality, music and will be featured on many of the popular social networking websites.  All videos have the options of voice over, a host, DVDs and many other features allowing for a more executive approach of learning about the property.  Most of the videos will be featured on the Blue House Pictures website with further details of MLS listing, contacting the representative and other information upon request. 

HD Real Estate Video Tours

Scalable Pricing: $ 175.99  for the first 1000 sq foot +$ .11 per sq/ft

Price capping for larger properties


Production Add-ons

Voice over narration. $75.00  (male/female available)

5 DVDs of your video tour  $35 ( includes jacket and CD art)

one time $50.00 DVD design fee

Corporate Spokesperson  – $200.00/hr (male/female available)